Draft Program

To search for a specific presentation, enter the name/title/keyword/group acronym in the search bar. This will filter to all events that meet the search criteria on each day. For example, if you search “CAEP-ACP” and click on “June 15 (Day 3)”, you will see a list of all CAEP-ACP sessions on that day. The search bar can search by author name, session title, group acronym, paper title, or paper abstract. The search bar only searches one day at a time. For all searches, you will need to click on the tab for each day to see the events for that day.

Each session lists the session title, its location, and the start and end times. Click on the session title to view a list of the session’s papers. Click on each paper’s title to view the abstract and list of authors. These details are pulled automatically from the proposals that were submitted in the fall.

To request minor edits (author names, spelling, affiliation), please contact Michael Holden, Conference Manager, conference-congres@csse-scee.ca, by Wednesday, March 27. Changes that involve moving sessions are unlikely to be accommodated. Authors requesting schedule accommodations for cultural or accessibility reasons should contact conference-congres@csse-scee.ca as soon as possible to discuss possible arrangements.


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