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Title Cbme, Emotion and Learning Outcomes
Background/Purpose The new Competency-based medical education (CBME) approach uses multiple low-stakes assessment tools to capture and enhance the learning process by making feedback more transparent and accountable. These tools also mediate the relationship between learner and assessor, which we examine through the lens of emotional experience and learning outcomes. This pilot study looks at the emotions experienced when receiving feedback through the CBME approach as well as face-to-face feedback.
Methods The study considers how the use of frequent low stakes assessment tools acts as a third-party mediator of the teacher-learner relationship, and how this compares to unmediated or face-to-face feedback. We examine the various emotions felt during both types of feedback, and how they relate to various learning outcomes, both positive and negative. The qualitative study uses the data from 3 focus groups and 3 individual interviews of residents in various stages of their residency, analyzed using emotion and decision-making theoretical framework.
Results We found a variety of emotional experiences relating to both face-to-face and technology-mediated feedback leading to various learning outcomes, including reinforcement of skills, distraction from learning goals, and building of trust, both in assessors and in oneself.
Discussion By understanding how feedback method can influence learning through the lens of emotions experienced, we can use assessment and feedback tools more appropriately and effectively, as well as understand their limits in teaching and learning. By seeing feedback through the lens of emotional experience, we can also better support resident wellbeing while learning.
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Authors Anna Couch
Anna Couch

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