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Title The International Outreach Program - Collaboration for the Promotion of Health Care in Uganda
Background/Purpose Health outcome disparities between high- and low-income countries are intimately tied to the strength of their respective healthcare workforces. In Uganda, steady population increase and a rise in patient-to-physician ratio have increased the burden on specialists and decreased their capacity for medical education. As subspecialty training is virtually non-existent, Ugandan physicians often seek training internationally to care for their own nation. A long-standing bidirectional exchange program has provided accredited fellowship training to Ugandan physicians at no cost. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of this program on subspecialty care, training and the healthcare system in Uganda.
Methods This mixed-methods study derived data from semi-structured interviews with program alumni, selected using stratified purposeful sampling. Demographic and retention data were collected. Interview transcriptions were inductively coded for thematic analysis. The realist evaluation framework was used to understand and link the context, mechanisms, and outcomes of healthcare improvement.
Results While 'brain drain' is a concern with many international educational partnerships, 96% of alumni remain actively working in Uganda. Thematic analysis has highlighted key outcomes of the program from the trainee perspective, including heightened practical skills and intangible changes in perspective, among others.
Discussion This study contributes to the literature surrounding the benefits of bidirectional exchange in medical education. Moreover, the free and fully-accredited nature of this program differentiates it from others. Unique enablers and barriers to the effectiveness of this program, characterized in this study, provide context to direct future investment and inspire the development of this and other like-minded programs.
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Authors Josh Neposlan
Rebecca Kruisselbrink
Madeleine Kruth
Josh Neposlan

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