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Title Assessment Burden in Competency-Based Medical Education: How Are Programs Adapting?
Background/Purpose Stakeholders have described a burden of assessment related to the implementation of CBME which may undermine its intended benefits. While this concerning signal has been identified, little has been done to identify adaptations. Grounded in an analysis of a Canadian pan-institutional CBME adopter's experience, this paper identifies postgraduate programs' adaptations related to the challenges of assessment in CBME.
Methods Eight specialty programs underwent a standardized qualitative Rapid Evaluation (06/2019-07/2022). Interviews and focus groups with stakeholders were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Transcripts were analyzed abductively using the Core Components Framework and conventional content analysis comparing the planned versus enacted implementation. Findings were shared in technical reports with each program; program leaders then identified relevant adaptations. Researchers reviewed the 8 reports to identify subthemes and themes related to the burden of assessment with a subsequent focus on identifying adaptations across programs.
Results Three themes were identified specific to the burden of assessment 1) Disparate mental models of assessment processes in CBME, 2) Challenges in workplace-based assessment processes, and 3) Challenges in performance review and decision making. Theme 1 adaptations included revising entrustment scales and faculty development specific to entrustment and EPAs. Theme 2 adaptations included leveraging alternative assessment strategies beyond EPA forms and proactive planning. Theme 3 adaptations included adding resident representatives to the CC and assessment platform enhancements.
Discussion The adaptations presented here represent practical and relevant responses to the concerning signal of burden of assessment in CBME. Other programs may learn from our institution's collective experience to navigate the CBME-related assessment burden.
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Authors Heather Braund
Heather Braund
Nancy Dalgarno
Laura McEwen
Karen Schultz
Andrew Hall
Adam Szulewski
Damon Dagnone

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