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Title Greening Family Medicine Clinic Operations and Clinical Care, Where Do We Start? - A Scoping Review of Toolkits and Aids
Background/Purpose There is a pressing need for healthcare to respond to the climate crisis. Family physicians, given their central role in community healthcare provision, are strategically placed to lead, support, and promote sustainable healthcare, yet guidance on how to do this is fragmented. To identify and map the literature on toolkits and aids available to family doctors, and to curate these toolkits to provide a resource that will expedite the change process for family doctors wanting to make transitions to more environmentally sustainable clinic operations and clinical care.
Methods A scoping review was completed of the published and grey literature across four databases and two search engines to identify articles and aids/toolkits from 1990 to present. Toolkits were subsequently evaluated for purpose, evidence-base, implementation process, adaptability to family medicine, and outcome measures.
Results The search identified 17,751 articles. Screening resulted in 20 published articles and 10 toolkits. Most articles presented simple checklists to support greening clinic initiatives, three studies focused on partial carbon footprint analyses, and four on educational initiatives. Toolkits ranged in sustainability topics and degree of depth covered, and adaptability and outcome measures.
Discussion A range of aids exist to support greening of clinic operations; however, there is a significant gap in the literature for greening clinical care. Although not tested for effectiveness, two toolkits were found to be comprehensive, one requiring tracking and reporting. This scoping review provides a starting point for motivated family doctors and community clinics to initiate change and support more sustainable healthcare.
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Authors Sonja Wicklum
Sonja Wicklum
Clark Svrcek
Kate Nuique
Martina Kelly
Jessica Zhang
Colleen Nesbitt

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