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Title Use of Cpd-Reaction to Assess Effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development Activities on Clinician's Behavioral Intention: A Systematic Review
Background/Purpose Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and Triandis' theory, the CPD-REACTION questionnaire is an instrument developed for evaluating the impact of CPD activities on health professionals' clinical behavioral intentions. This research sought to review the use of the CPD-REACTION questionnaire to measure health professionals' intention to adopt a clinical behavior.
Methods We conducted a systematic review. A literature search was performed on ten databases. We extracted characteristics of studies, CPD activities, CPD-REACTION adaptations, and scoring. We used the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool to evaluate the methodological quality of studies. Drawing on the framework of the PRISMA, results are presented as a narrative synthesis with descriptive statistics.
Results Fifty-two original studies were included. Thirty-one studies were in Canada. The original version of CPD-REACTION was used in 59.6% of studies and was administered pre- and post-intervention in 30.8% of the studies. Most studies targeted interprofessional groups of health professionals (59.6%). Studies reported Cronbach's alpha ranging from 0.62 to 0.91 for CPD-REACTION adapted version.
Discussion The number of publications reporting the use of the CPD-REACTION has increased continuously since its development in 2014, but its use varies considerably across studies. The rapid adoption of CPD-REACTION across time, countries, and languages suggested that this instrument was addressing the needs of CPD developers. Impact We intended to provide a comprehensive review of the known use of the CPD-REACTION questionnaire, to provide CPD providers with best practices.
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Authors Gloria Ayivi - Vinz
Felly Bakwa
Lysa Bergeron
Simon Décary
Lionel Adisso
Hervé Zomahoun
Sam Daniel
Martin Tremblay
Karine Plourde
Sabrina Guay - Belanger
France Légaré

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