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Title Epidemiology and Demographics of Patients Hospitalized for Acute Pancreatitis in A Tertiary Pediatric Center
Background/Purpose A recent meta-analysis of 48 showed that the prevalence of acute pancreatitis (AP) was 16among the following etiologies: systemic disease, alcohol, medication, and infection in North American pediatric patients. However, data on the epidemiology of severe pediatric AP in Canada are lacking. We aim to evaluate the clinical presentation, etiologies, comorbidities, and outcome of pediatric patients with AP admitted to a tertiary hospital in Quebec, Canada.
Methods A retrospective observational cohort study (January 2014-December 2021) was performed at the CHU Sainte-Justine. Descriptive analyses were performed with SAS statistical software.
Results Among the 214 patients included (110(51%) males), 58(27.1%) were already hospitalized at time of AP diagnosis (secondary diagnosis) while 156(72.9%) were admitted from the emergency room (primary diagnosis). Thirty-two patients (15.0%) were transferred to the ICU due to hemodynamic instability or respiratory failure. Comorbidities included cancer (38(17.7%)) and obesity (17(7.9%)). The most identified etiologies were medication (19.6%) and biliary disease (16.3%). Despite extensive investigations, 26.2% of cases were idiopathic. The main complications were ascites (48(22.4%)) and necrotic pancreatitis (10(4.6%)). The median duration of hospitalization for AP as a primary diagnosis was 4 days (IQR 2-7) as compared to 22 (IQR 11-37) for AP as a secondary diagnosis.
Discussion One third of hospitalized patients had an underlying condition requiring treatments that could cause AP, explaining the high prevalence of drug-induced AP in this report. The longest hospitalizations were associated with AP as secondary diagnosis. Ongoing work will identify factors associated with disease severity and outcome in primary AP.
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Authors Mariam Mohamed
Mariam Mohamed
Alessandro David
Catherine Korman
Thomas Li
Doha Elhaoua
Sara Blain
Fernando Alvarez
Colette Deslandres
Martha Dirks
Ugur Halac
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