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Title Exploring Interventions Addressing Frontline Primary Care Provider Resilience and Well-Being During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Rapid Review
Background/Purpose COVID-19 underscored the need to support frontline primary care providers' (FPCPs) well-being and resilience. Organizations provided support to FPCPs, however there has been a mismatch between perceived needs and available interventions. This rapid review (RR) aimed to explore mechanisms, supports, and interventions for building resilience among FPCPs in response to public health emergencies.
Methods Following the PRISMA guidelines, Medline and PsycInfo were searched (1946-2022). Inclusion criteria: primary care practitioners, type of intervention, setting, language. Grey literature covered resources offered by Canadian provincial and national regulatory and licensing bodies.
Results N=86 studies included (in English), 85% of which were published 2020-1. 31 (36%) were individual research studies; 14 (16%) were evaluation studies. 23 (27%) were carried out in ERs, 40 (46%) hospital(s), and 25 other setting(s). 49 targeted physicians, 65 nurses, 12 psychologists, and 38 other practitioner(s). 37 (43%) did not specify whether teams were studied. 67 (78%) dealt with Covid-19. The most common intervention types were psychosocial interventions (37 or 43%), training, internet-based self-help, mobile phone delivered interventions, digital or social media interventions, and first aid psychological training. 22 (26%) reported barriers to resilience at the organizational level. Most interventions were not evaluated (white literature). A variety of resources were offered by regulatory and licensing bodies, but their impact was rarely evaluated.
Discussion Identified gaps include a lack of evaluation of interventions. Our review emphasizes the importance of organizational factors. This will support leadership in developing relevant interventions and assist with public health efforts in response to crisis situations.
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Authors Francesca Luconi
Francesca Luconi
Charo Rodriguez
Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay
Jennifer Gutberg
G. Ross Baker
Tina Montreuil
Jason Harley
Peter Nugus
Catherine Briand
Leonora Lalla
Martin Desseilles
Brenna Lynn
Suzan Schneeweiss
Ozlem Barin
Sima Zahedi
Béatrice Lauzon

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