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Title Implementing an Intentional Community of Practice: Academy of Educators
Background/Purpose To ensure a sustainable delivery of our new CBME curriculum, we rely on annual solicitation of hundreds of "volunteer" faculty, many unfamiliar with the goals and philosophy of our MD program. Faculty teach discrete sections, often unaware of what proceeds and follows their contribution; the result can be a curriculum that lacks continuity and coherence. To address this situation, we have implemented an Academy of Educators. These educators have protected time and remuneration to take an active role across the curriculum
Methods We grounded our approach in the community of practice concept. We are building this community by offering a dedicated time and space for our Academy to develop longitudinal, trusting relationships with the ultimate goal of familiarity with the curriculum as a whole.
Results We have completed the interview process and have selected our 20 Academy Educators. The Academy will begin a one- year journey of discovery of all four years of curriculum; during this exploration, they will identify areas of interest/need in which they will choose to focus.
Discussion Laver and Wenger (1991) discuss three crucial characteristics for a community of practice: domain, community, practice. Our Academy will have a shared domain of bringing competency, scholarship and experience to the group; promoting community through designated group meetings, professional development and sustained interaction. We anticipate that the Academy will champion and execute the CBME renewal and serve as mentors to guide faculty colleagues to more fully develop an integrated learning experience for our MD students.
Keyword 1 Academy of Educators
Keyword 2 Community of Practice
Keyword 3 Integrated CBME
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Curriculum Competency-Based Education
Authors Teresa Van Deven
Shannon Venance
Christopher Watling
Teresa Van Deven

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