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Title Do Adjustments to Admission Criteria to Widen Access or Address Covid Limitations Impact Applications and Prediction of First Year Performance in A Pharmacy Program?
Background/Purpose Health professions' admission processes have increased emphasis on measuring intrinsic skills. Admission criteria for U of T Pharmacy changed in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to broaden access and address pandemic constraints. We report associations with each set of admission applicant data, and impact on year one performance for these cohorts.
Methods Student data for 3 cohorts (n=720) with different admission criteria were analyzed for trends in applicant variables and year one correlations. Admissions data including GPA, PCAT score, situational judgment tests (MMI, CASPer and an intrinsic skill mixed methods online assessment [MMOA video/written]) were compared to course grades and end-of-year GPAs. A linear regression model examined admission metrics for prediction of in-program grades.
Results Widening access by decreasing required courses, eliminating PCAT, and creating an online admission situational judgement assessment resulted in increased applicant numbers (3.4 fold), 10% increase in female applicants, and higher minimum and average GPAs on entry. In each cohort, only entry GPA significantly predicted first year results (2019: r2 = 0.106, p <0.001; 2020: r2 = 0.113, p < 0.001; 2021: r2 = 0.228, p < 0.001). No other significant predictors were found. MMI (2019) and PCAT (2020) contributed to regression model results.
Discussion Changing admission criteria removed barriers and positively influenced admission applications without negative impact on first year performance. Results suggest GPA is the strongest predictor of in-program metrics. Situational judgement tests including online verbal recorded and written responses are useful screening criteria to differentiate diverse applicants.
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Authors Debra Sibbald
Andrea Sweezey
Debra Sibbald

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