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Title From Silo to Matrix; the Process and Product of A Faculty Development Innovation
Background/Purpose Organizational inertia can prevent institutions from supporting individual and program-level development needs. Within traditionally siloed organizations, inertia can be exacerbated by competing demands and scarce resources, as well as legitimized within the silos. Challenged with integrating and diversifying faculty development across its complex organization, the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry created the Faculty Development Collaborative (FDC). This initiative drew out the "siloed" faculty development experience and excellence into a matrix structure that engaged and empowered faculty development innovators. The first product of the FDC was the creation of intentionally, highly flexible faculty development framework.
Methods Using appreciative inquiry, communities of practice, and organizational ecology perspectives, a rigorous evaluation of the FDC matrix development, and its' resulting framework was pursued. The evaluation encompassed organizational policies, regulatory standards, and strategic directives, along with data from multiple faculty development providers, needs assessments, committee minutes, program evaluations, focus groups, and individual stakeholder input. All data was reviewed by team members and analyzed for emerging themes.
Results Emerging themes included competing faculty roles, redundant and overlapping content development, conflicting organizational priorities, and commitment to quality professional development activities. It also revealed the paradox of welcoming change while legitimizing organizational inertia.
Discussion The FDC continues to address organizational inertia as it strengthens its' matrix, and advocates for further advancements in faculty development. The faculty development framework supports a balance of individual agency, community of practice commitment, organizational goals, and institutionalized standards. This innovation study will be of interest to those responsible for implementing complex faculty development strategies.
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Authors Stephanie Giberson-Kirby
Stephanie Giberson-Kirby
Christine Bell
Leslie McAdam
Valerie Schulz

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