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Presenter Other Director, Education, Technology & Innovation at University Health Network
Title Accelerating the Appropriate Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Clinician Champions Program
Background/Purpose The Clinician Champions Program was created in collaboration between the Michener and Vector Institutes to address gaps in AI literacy and education among healthcare professions (HCP) in an ever-changing medical landscape. This presentation outlines relevant opportunities to accelerate AI implementation to improve and shape the future of healthcare.
Methods The Clinician Champions Program was held in 2 cohorts: Nov 2021 and Jun 2022. Data collected included pre/post evaluation surveys and interviews. Reflexive notes, debrief notes, and Blackboard data were also available to the study team. Interview data was coded using NVivo.
Results 109 clinicians attended the Nov and Jun cohorts. Clinicians, including physicians, nurses, researchers, and other HCPs, were invited to share their perspectives following course completion. A total of 5 instructor and 11 learner interviews have been conducted. Some emerging themes included the need for more interaction between learners and providing networking opportunities. Participants also mentioned that the course facilitated an increased understanding of AI application and competencies in healthcare.
Discussion AI technologies are rapidly progressing, yet barriers remain for HCPs seeking to adopt AI in their clinical settings. The results provide insights into the attitudes and skillsets of clinicians to inform identified needs to advance data-driven and AI-enhanced care. For example, professional networks of AI enable collaboration, capacity-building and confidence learning through innovation.
Keyword 1 Artificial Intelligence
Keyword 2 Medical Education
Keyword 3 Program Evaluation
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Abstract Track - First Choice Health Workforce
Authors Rebecca Charow
Caitlin Gillan
Mohammad Salhia
Tharshini Jeyakumar
Dalia Al-Mouaswas
Megan Clare
Azra Dhalla
Nadim Lalani
Jane Mattson
Inaara Karsan
Melody Zhang
Sarah Younus
Bemnet Teferi
Jessica Jardine
Jillian Scandiffio
David Wiljer

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