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Title A Multi-Institutional Evaluation of Virtual Care Educational Affordances Among Different Specialties: Does One Size Fit All?
Background/Purpose The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for a rapid transition into virtual care practices. The fast pace of the initial transition and adoption highlighted the literature gaps around virtual care best practices, educational affordances, and perceived quality from different stakeholder groups. This study presents a multi-institutional, participatory, value-based evaluation to better understand the educational implications of virtual care implementation.
Methods We followed a mix-methods approach to collecting data via surveys and semi-structured interviews. We collected data within SickKids Hospital and University Health Network from the following medical specialties: Genetics, Adolescents Medicine, Cancer, and Rehabilitation sciences. We obtained 90 surveys and conducted 45 interviews with patients, trainees, and physicians. We used an inductive thematic analysis to analyze interview data, while surveys were analyzed descriptively.
Results Evaluation results show misalignment between the stakeholders' perceptions of the effectiveness of virtual care and its associated educational affordances. Trainees consider that although virtual care might limit the breadth of cases they have access to, it offers a less invasive environment for bedside teaching. Interestingly, faculty reports change son their identity as a physician.
Discussion The practice of virtual care is very complex due to the multiple factors that influence its experience. Rather than being a one size fit all type of solution, our study has shown that virtual care practices need to be tailored to the characteristics of the different specialties and pay attention to their associated educational needs. Further work is required to understand educational virtual care best practices, their impact, and potential unintended consequences.
Keyword 1 Virtual Care
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Authors David Rojas
Samantha Inwood
Mitchell Irving
Ramanan Aiyadurai
Roberto Mendoza
Lauren Chad
Karen Leslie
Tina Martimianakis
Catherine Wang
Peter Rossos
Cynthia Withehead
Rob Paul
David Rojas

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