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Title What Can Be Learned From the Md Applicant Pool? A Comparative Analysis Between the Md Applicants and Accepted Students at A Large Canadian Medical School.
Background/Purpose The medical school admissions process carries great responsibility in selecting students representative of the broader population. However, little is known around the characteristics of those applying to medical school in Canada. Greater understanding of this population would offer an opportunity to better assess the different pipeline admission policies implemented in medical schools.
Methods A 90 question survey was electronically sent to all applicants to the MD program at the University of Toronto for the 2021-2022 cycle (n=4302). We received a 46% response rate (n=1960). A comparative analysis between applicants in the 2021-2022 cycle to the MD program and the matriculated medical school cohorts.
Results Applicants most frequently viewed the fairness of the MD application process across Canada as moderately fair (n=1143 at UofT vs. n=1148 all other medical schools). Comparison of the applicants to the matriculants identified there is room for improvement when it comes to ethnicity and socioeconomic status. More applicants (n=907) had no mentors when applying to medical school. Those with mentors (n= 675) reported increased academic and leadership opportunities.
Discussion This work is the first to broadly capture the characteristics of applicants applying to a Canadian medical school, and presenting it as a new way of assessing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policies at the admission level in medical schools.
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Authors Benjamin Baker
Shakiba Ardestani
David Rojas
Armaan Fallahi
Andrew Son
Andrew Son

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