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Title Promoting Resilience and Protecting Wellbeing in Undergraduate Medical Learners: Identifying Faculty Development Needs
Background/Purpose Resilience curricula can promote wellness, self-care, and health in trainees, but it can be challenging for teachers to support this curriculum, as it departs from traditional medical professional culture and knowledge. The purpose of this study is to examine faculty development (FD) needs of teachers, to promote learner resilience and protect wellbeing.
Methods Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 experienced faculty to explore their experience in engaging with learners to promote learner resilience. Framework analysis using an established instructional design approach was applied to identify key concepts, their properties, and relationships to describe potential core tasks faculty can engage in to promote resilience and protect wellness which then will be used to inform the development of a FD strategy.
Results Eight key related concepts were identified that describe tasks faculty can engage in to promote learner resilience and protect wellness: (1) Preparedness and Readiness; (2) Proactive Watchfulness; (3) Listening and Validating; (4) Probing Introspection; (5) Recommending Resources and Support; (6) Facilitating Peer Discussions; (7) Role Modeling; and (8) Influence of Context/Culture. These concepts will be described and discussed how they connect and relate to form a blueprint that can be used to develop a FD strategy and resources.
Discussion Our study characterizes specific aspects to be considered when designing a future FD strategy and resources that supports medical faculty to promote learner resilience and in turn protect their wellness. In developing faculty members' skills set in this area, faculty themselves may benefit in enhancing their own resilience and wellness.
Keyword 1 Faculty Development
Keyword 2 Learner Resilience
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Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
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Authors Jana Lazor
Hilarie Stein
David Rojas Gualdron
Rikin Patel
Leslie Nickell
Andrea Levinson
Jana Lazor

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