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Title Reimagining Undergraduate Medical Education at the University of Calgary: Insights and Lessons Learned From Large-Scale Curriculum Reform Efforts…during A Pandemic
Background/Purpose Curriculum reform in medical education is essential for ensuring that future physicians will be able to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of society. Curriculum renewal efforts often employ established tools and techniques traditional to the field of education, and such efforts are inherently messy and challenging.
Methods At the University of Calgary, we utilized a methodology called "design thinking" between 2018-2020 to identify gaps in our pre-clerkship curriculum and inform our largest curriculum renewal initiative to date. Our ongoing immersion in the pre-clerkship setting and systematic approach to collecting empirical data generated hundreds of insights from end-users and stakeholders. Collectively, these insights informed a series of prototypes for a new pre-clerkship curriculum, which was approved for implementation in 2021.
Results The new pre-clerkship curriculum at the University of Calgary has been redesigned at the nexus of humanity, humanism, and humility. This curriculum emphasizes four core principles: spirality, integration, rhythm, and patient-centeredness. The motto of "no clinical content without social context" has been guiding principle during the various stages of development. Stakeholder engagement and communication remained crucial to the evolution and success of this initiative, but were challenged by the numerous barriers imposed by the nature of the pandemic.
Discussion Through a novel approach to curriculum renewal efforts using design thinking methods, a drastically different pre-clerkship curriculum is being implemented during arguably one of the most challenging periods for such large-scale changes. We reflect and share numerous lessons learned from straying from conventional approaches to curriculum reform during a unique period of time.
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Authors Rahim Kachra
Mike Paget
Allison Brown
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Allison Brown

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