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Title Assessment Strategies of Professional Experiential Learning in Graduate Programs: A Scoping Review
Background/Purpose Improvements in academic and professional outcomes within post-secondary education have emerged with the successful application of experiential/work-integrated learning (WIL). However, there is wide variation in its assessment. This scoping review identifies assessment strategies for WIL at the graduate level and sheds light on the adaptation or development of a robust assessment framework for WIL.
Methods Using the Joanna Briggs Institute Scoping Review Protocol, we searched Medline, EMBASE, APA PsycINFO, CINAHL, and Web of Science databases. Results were uploaded to Covidence and underwent a two-stage screening by two reviewers independently: 1) title and abstract, and 2) full-text review. Data extraction included details about the participants, context, assessment methods and outcomes, and strengths and limitations of the WIL tools employed.
Results A total of 6,618 studies were screened, resulting in a full-text review of 219 studies. Studies predominantly focused on individual student assessment outcomes, and the tools applied were post-learning surveys, questionnaires, interviews, journal reflections, and students' and supervisors' written evaluations. There is a lack of assessment frameworks in evaluating graduate students' WIL.
Discussion Given most thesis-based graduates pursue non-academic careers, there is a significant need to develop and expand graduate professional competencies to promote success post-graduation. The development and application of a robust assessment framework to evaluate WIL is critical for both educators and learners. We provide recommendations on best practices in the assessment practices of professional experiential learning opportunities.
Keyword 1 Experiential Learning
Keyword 2 Work Integrated Learning
Keyword 3 Evaluation
Abstract Track - First Choice Teaching and learning
Teaching and Learning Experiential Learning
Authors X.Sheila Sun
X.Sheila Sun
Benedicta Antepim
Patricia Villalba
Lauren Brock
Diane Lorenzetti
Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci

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