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Title Exploring Key Elements of User Experience in Gamification of Health Profession Education: What We Learned From the Literature
Background/Purpose Serious games (or gamification) in health profession education aims to improve knowledge retention in a more engaging format than traditional teaching and learning methods. User experience (UX) impacts the effectiveness and satisfaction of games. The goal of this project is to identify key UX elements in medical education gamifications for teaching and learning of patient safety in health profession students.
Methods We completed the first three steps of Kern's six-step approach to curriculum development of a patient safety curriculum for health professionals in a previous study. This project is Step 4 of Kern's: Educational Strategies. A structured search in MEDLINE, Science Direct, JSTOR, Web of Science, and IEEE Xplore was performed to locate relevant papers discussing UX elements of games and applications in medical and health profession education. Article titles and abstracts were screened and cross-analyzed by two independent analysts.
Results We identified 76 articles. Upon screening, nine articles were included in our subsequent thematic and content analysis. Key elements of UX in gamification included ease of use, clarity, and affordance; realism and authenticity; feedback mechanism; competition and points system; and complexity and challenge.
Discussion To design engaging games for health profession students, a series of UX elements must be considered by educators. Gamification can be an effective education strategy. Patient safety education is one that deserves further interprofessional collaboration and innovations from all health professions. Findings of this study will pilot ventures of gamification in medical and health profession education for teaching and learning of patient safety.
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Keyword 2 User Experience
Keyword 3 Patient Safety
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Patient Safety
Authors Certina Ho
Eulaine Ma
Stephanie Lau
Ananya Garg
Autumn Qiu Hua Chen
Victoria Ezekwemba
Wei Wei
Certina Ho

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