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At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Learning Objective 1 Describe the components that must be considered when creating an effective, inclusive, and psychologically safe teaching and learning environment
Learning Objective 2 Discuss pitfalls that can disrupt the teaching and learning environment, using cases as examples, and how to practically mitigate common pitfalls
Learning Objective 3 Describe what could be incorporated into a faculty development strategy to supporting faculty in practically implementing strategies to optimize their teaching and learning spaces.
Category Medical Education
Type Workshop
Title Creating Effective, Inclusive, and Safe Spaces: Strategies for Faculty Development in the Undergraduate Medical Education Setting
Rationale/Background Now more than ever, it is important that as medical educators we create effective, inclusive, anti-oppressive, and psychologically safe1 teaching, learning, and clinical environments2. Excellence through equity, diversity, inclusion, indigeneity and accessibility (EDIIA) are key priorities for many Faculties of Medicine across the country. The challenge lies in how we practically do this, particularly when leaders and faculty developers may not be experts in anti-oppressive education. During this workshop we will describe our approach to faculty development in an undergraduate medical education setting to supporting faculty in practically implementing pedagogical and EDIIA strategies to optimize their teaching and learning spaces.
Instructional Methods • Didactic presentation: Brief overview of the literature and examples of faculty development strategies around optimizing the learning environment • Small group: Case-based discussion on how to practically implement these strategies
Target Audience Medical educators, leaders and learners of all levels are welcome and encouraged to attend
Keyword 1 Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
Keyword 2 Learning Environment
Keyword 3 Psychological Safety
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Undergraduate Medical Education
Abstract Track - First Choice Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Authors Susanna Talarico
Jana Lazor
Robert Goldberg
Susanna Talarico
Jana Lazor

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