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Title Investing in Student Affairs Based on Student Saturation
Background/Purpose Local studies have shown a significant number of medical students face mental health challenges. Recently, 76% tested positive for exhaustion, based on the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory. Clearly there is a need for support for these students. Finite resources dictate investing in initiatives that have the broadest student saturation. At the Cumming School of Medicine (CSM), Student Advocacy and Wellness Hub (SAWH) have been expanding services. One of the reasons for that was a broadly held student opinion of their integrity and compassion.
Methods We analyzed appointment records from 2017 to 2021. We counted the number of unique students for each given calendar year and created a percentage against the enrolment for that given calendar year.
Results From 2017 - 2021, the number of unique students with one or more voluntary appointments in a given calendar year was 398, 401, 412, 344, 404 respectively. Comparing that to the annual AFMC reports for total enrollment, this is a saturation of 80%, 78%, 82%, 67%, 82% respectively.
Discussion Expanding support across the CSM for mental health has been part of the vision of senior leadership over the past several years. That investment has been guided by leveraging existing teams with high student saturation, like SAWH. As a result, SAWH has expanded to provide services to all learners at the CSM.
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Authors Christopher Naugler
Teresa Killam
Peter Romeo
Carol Hutchison
Irene Ma
Beverly Adams
Mike Paget
Jo Holm

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