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Title Is More Timely Feedback Better Quality Feedback? an Analysis of Local Entrustable Professional Activities
Background/Purpose Assessors of entrustable professional activities (EPAs) are expected to provide residents with high-quality feedback to promote learner growth, and timeliness has been cited as a cornerstone of quality feedback Using the validated Quality of Assessment in Learning (QuAL) tool, we evaluated the association between the quality of feedback given to residents and the timeliness of feedback completion in a paediatrics residency program.
Methods Two researchers analyzed narrative feedback comments provided to pediatric residents at Western University using the QuAL score (0-5). Using Pearson correlations and a two-sample t-test, the QuAL scores were compared against the time interval between triggering and completion of the EPA by resident or faculty assessors (measured in days).
Results A total of 650 comments were analyzed. The mean time for residents to complete EPAs was 4.30 days (+/- 5.8); the mean time for faculty staff was 4.47 days (+/- 6.7). The mean QuAL scores for feedback were similar for both groups [3.40/5 (95% CI 3.27-3.52) vs 3.55/5 (95% CI 3.38-3.72), p >0.05], respectively. Across groups, there was a statistically significant decrease in mean QuAL scores for feedback submitted before and after fourteen days [3.49 (95% CI 3.44-3.54) vs. 3.00 (95% CI 2.85-3.15), p=0.023].
Discussion We demonstrate that the quality of narrative feedback provided to trainees significantly declines after 14 days. Under the premise that high-quality narrative feedback promotes learner growth, these results reinforce the importance of timeliness in providing feedback and raise questions about an 'expiry date' for a triggered EPA.
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Authors Kevin Puentes Rosas
Kevin Puentes Rosas
David Cohen
Amrit Kirpalani
Robin Mackin
Andrea Ens
Marta Wilejto

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