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At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Learning Objective 1 • Describe the contextual and individual issues that can lead to underperformance
Learning Objective 2 • Critically evaluate the approaches used in identifying reasons for under-performance
Learning Objective 3 • Identify approaches to support learners in achieving competence in their own context
Category Medical Education
Type Workshop
Title Remediation - A 'Course Correction' for Learners
Rationale/Background Remediation is often associated with a failure of competence however more recently the emphasis has changed to it being considered as a way to support all learners to achieve competence at any point in time (Kalet et al 2017) There are multiple interconnected causes and solutions which can be challenging to unravel for individual students unless a system-led approach to analyses is used considering societal, professional and institutional values and regulations. With studies suggesting 10% of medical students encounter academic difficulties at sometime even with a system-led approach the challenges of 'untying the Gordian knot' of remediation approaches in medical schools remain considerable. (Bennion et al, 2018) This workshop will consider the contextual elements of remediation based on theoretical frameworks and empirical research and will share approaches and techniques to identifying and addressing the individual factors that contribute to under-performance
Instructional Methods Delegates will explore effective approaches to analyzing and identifying individual students factors that lead to under-performance. Using case studies and role play they will build on their collective experience to create course-corrections Interactive phases 1. Exploration of the approaches towards course-correction with case studies 2. Small group work plus de-brief on process and content 3. Whole group review of learning with future plans
Target Audience Medical Educators teaching undergraduates and postgraduate specialty trainees
Keyword 1 Remediation
Keyword 2 Under-performance
Keyword 3 Course Correction
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Residency Education
Undergraduate Medical Education
Abstract Track - First Choice Teaching and learning
Teaching and Learning Feedback
Authors Mairi Scott
Susie Schofield
Mairi Scott
Susie Schofield

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