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Title Co-Creation of Teaching and Learning Clinical Reasoning in the Absence of Certainty
Background/Purpose As we emerge from the pandemic and move to a 'new norm' in healthcare delivery and healthcare education it is clear that our future clinicians must be skilled in coping with unpredictability and uncertainty. Our students and our educators must unlearn the concept of certainty and relearn the value of heuristics and identify way of embedding them into student learning. We must recognise students as co-creators of learning (Bovill, 2109) and rather than train them out of heuristic thinking, instead seek to engage them developing their skills in perspicacity - 'tuning the recognition process that underlie domain specific adaptive selection of heuristics'. (Feufel & Flach, 2019).
Methods Our Masters in Medical Education programme developed content that focused our student educators to articulate their own clinical reasoning and then adopt a Socratic approach to exploring that with their students. Students from different professional disciplines expanded on the usefulness of this approach through their responses via the on-line discussion forum.
Results With over 250 students competing the module the last year the extent to which this approach has been effective has been collated from their discussions and used to inform further educational content.
Discussion The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that reliance on EBM is a false premise and students and educators must be able to 'think-on-their' feet and confidently rely on their clinical reasoning particularly where there is an absence of evidence. This might be a lot easier for students than educators so this presentation will explore our approaches to achieving this.
Keyword 1 Heuristic thinking
Keyword 2 Clinical reasoning
Keyword 3 Socratic teaching
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
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Authors Mairi Scott
Mairi Scott

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