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Title Experiences From an Undergraduate Medical Student Society's Virtual Teaching Sessions Due to Covid-19
Background/Purpose In the wake of COVID-19, many aspects of university life have had to change and develop in the virtual world. Many Universities have helped their undergraduate societies with Zoom accounts, to allow the social and educational aspects to continue. The Undergraduate Surgical society and the Emergency Medicine society from Cardiff University delivered a collaborative Virtual Crash Course Series for exam finals. The aim from this was evaluate the aspects of this new online learning and understand its feasibility moving forward for the societies.
Methods This Clinical Diagnostic series included five teaching sessions over four weeks, which were advertised via Facebook. They were delivered by the same teacher, a qualified Medical Doctor. Two sessions were specific to ECGs and the others involved head CT, chest and orthopaedic radiographic interpretation. A simple feedback form was used and the data extracted and anonymised. The data was then subsequently analysed.
Results Over the five teaching sessions, 1125 people attended, with between 200-300 people per each session. One third of participants were from the UK, one third from Europe and the rest from other parts of the world. Most participants (80%) were medical students, with a selection of other Health Care Professionals. Around 75-85% of participants heard about the event through facebook with others hearing by other means. Across the session 88-95% of people rated the session they attended useful or more useful in comparison to previous teaching they had attended.
Discussion Surprisingly, this online series attracted more participants internationally than nationally. Also, not all participants were medical students despite being aimed at medical students. Notably, nearly all participants found the teaching they attend useful or more useful than their previous sessions. There are many advantages to virtual teaching, including reaching a global audience, convenience and accessibility. Virtual teaching has the potential to be an exciting, feasible opportunity for medical student societies to gain members and showcase their university worldwide.
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Authors Sarah Edwards
Phyllida Roe
Zoe Hinchcliffe
Jamie Scriven

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