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Title Let's Talk Research! Students' Take on Research and Its Integration in Undergraduate Medical Education.
Background/Purpose The IFMSA firmly believes that research and research education should be accessible and available to medical students globally. A survey conducted by the Research Committee in the Federation showed that although 98% of students think that research is essential in medical education, only 19.7% believe that it's sufficiently addressed in their curricula. This suggests that medical education systems should be encouraged to integrate research into their core curricula. On that note, IFMSA's Committees on Research Exchange and Medical Education created a Small Working Group to analyse the inclusion of research in medical curricula globally and to create a toolkit on Research in Medical Education.
Methods Based on previous surveys and research, a global survey has been designed and distributed to IFMSA's National Member Organisations (NMOs). Medical students' knowledge, perceptions, and experience with undergraduate research, as well as the level of research application in their medical curricula, are all included in the survey parts. The findings of this survey will be used to develop information for the toolkit on Research in Medical Education, which will be distributed by December 2022.
Results Results will be analyzed in the period November-December and ready for presentation at ICAM.
Discussion Despite the demonstrated benefits of research, several studies have shown that medical education systems are mostly ignorant of it. We'll look at how research is implemented in the curriculum throughout the world, as well as students' perspectives regarding the relevance of research.
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Authors Kosha Gala
Kosha Gala
Rannia Shehrish
Michelle Che Yan Lam

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