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Title Competence by Design Faculty Development Update: Cultivating Confidence Within A New Curricular Framework
Background/Purpose Competence by Design (CBD), a model of competency-based medical education (CBME) being implemented across Canadian residency programs, has now been integrated into a Canadian Department of Psychiatry. This shift has necessitated adjustments for faculty and residents, with many finding it challenging to stay appraised of best practices. In light of this, the Department's Faculty Development Committee designed a series of interactive sessions to support faculty and residents in navigating and thriving within a CBD curriculum.
Methods A needs assessment was administered to faculty to determine past experiences with CBD training and solicit topics of interest. The series was developed based on this and comprised three virtual workshops, with preeminent educators as speakers. Part 1 focused on CBD and assessment, Part 2 on CBD coaching model, and Part 3 explored a competency-based approach to cultivating professionalism.
Results The series was well-attended; 60 participants for Part 1, 56 for Part 2, and 50 for Part 3. Feedback received was highly positive, with attendees agreeing the workshops met learning objectives. The majority found information was relevant, described the format as engaging, noted that the sessions encouraged them to consider changes to their practices, and speaker evaluations were laudatory.
Discussion The positive feedback suggests participants found the series to be useful and thus represents an effective method of facilitating curricular transition. We anticipate sessions could be adapted for other programs and specialties. Virtual workshops that incorporate learning needs of faculty and include preeminent speakers can be an effective method of facilitating the transition to CBME.
Keyword 1 competency based medical education
Keyword 2 postgraduate education
Keyword 3 faculty development
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Abstract Track - First Choice Faculty Development
Authors Shaheen Darani
Nikhita Singhal
Shaheen Darani
Certina Ho
Paula Paunic
Adrienne Tan
Deanna Chaukos
Inbal Gafni

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