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Title Innovations in Mentorship: Implementation of A Mentorship Program in Psychiatry that Encourages Reflection on Intersectionality and Wellness
Background/Purpose Mentorship supports professional and academic development and wellness. At a Department of Psychiatry in Canada, a recent survey showed 60% faculty were without mentors and would like to have one; and 75% mentors received no training. A mentorship program was implemented in our department to facilitate sharing of expertise, self-reflection, and career development.
Methods Program design was informed by literature review and a mentorship working group. Core to the program is a primary mentor-mentee relationship that is further supported by mentorship groups focused on academic roles, scholarship interests, or specific groups. The program offers an online matching process, based on faculty academic interests, roles, and social identity preferences. A three-year evaluation strategy is integrated throughout implementation. Participants complete an evaluation upon enrolment and annually. Focus groups explore perception and concepts, such as intersectionality, wellness, and DEI.
Results The program was launched in 2021 with virtual workshops offering best practices and reflection on challenges encountered during mentorship. Thirty-six faculty mentors and 60 faculty mentees attended the workshops. Evaluations were positive with 93% participants indicating the workshop met learning objectives; 80% rating the workshop as excellent. Eighty-seven percent of mentor participants reported increased awareness of best practices in mentorship.
Discussion Accessibility of mentorship is a challenge, with many faculty having received limited education. This preliminary feedback suggests faculty found the workshops to be useful and represents an effective mode of facilitating implementation of a departmental program. We anticipate the implementation of our program could be adapted to other settings. Virtual workshops can be effective in facilitating implementation of a department wide mentorship program
Keyword 1 mentorship
Keyword 2 equity, diversity, inclusion
Keyword 3 wellness
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Abstract Track - First Choice Faculty Development
Authors Shaheen Darani
Mary Jane Esplen
Shaheen Darani
John Teshima
Certina Ho
Krista Lanctot
Jiahui Wong
Danica Kwong

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