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At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Learning Objective 1 Discuss ways in which anti-Asian racism occurs in medicine and medical education;
Learning Objective 2 Commit to initial steps to address implicit bias, racism and enact allyship within their local contexts;
Learning Objective 3 Reflect on intersectionality and how we might work together with oppressed groups to address EDIA in solidarity
Category Medical Education
Type Workshop
Title Anti-Asian Racism in Medical Education: Learning, Unlearning and Taking Action
Rationale/Background The Model Minority myth focuses on stereotypes that all Asians are hard working, rule-abiding, independent, & economically prosperous. This myth perpetuates the biases leading to anti-Asian racism and hides the barriers (interpersonal & systemic levels). The term "bamboo ceiling" was coined to reflect the limits forAsians in leadership. While all Asians may share in some experiences of anti-Asian racism, caution must be taken when clustering together Asian ethnicities. For example, at the macro level, it may seem like there is adequate representation of Asian-Canadians in medical schools, however, clustering Asians as one group misses the underrepresentation of certain Asian ethnicities. Through stories, dialogue & small group activities, we hope to foster an inclusive learning environment highlighting issues around Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, & Accessibility (EDIA) and help participants further develop as allies and anti-racists
Instructional Methods Brief didactic discussing background of anti-Asian racism in medicine and medical education (15 min) Small group case studies centred on issues of anti-Asian racism, encouraging reflection to broadening the lessons learnt across the intersectionality of EDIA issues. (15 min per case in small groups + 5 min large group sharing) Group Debrief / Q&A (15 min)
Target Audience This session is designed for all learners & educators who wish to engage in learning and action on anti-Asian racism in medicine and medical education.
Keyword 1 EDI
Keyword 2 Racism
Keyword 3 Asian
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Residency Education
Undergraduate Medical Education
Abstract Track - First Choice Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Authors Victor Do
Ming-Ka Chan
Ivy Oandasan
Teresa Chan
Marck Mercado
Gian Agtarap
Francis Lao
Yipeng Ge

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