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Title Professional Identity Development Throughout A Physician's Career: A Narrative Review
Background/Purpose The team-based and collaborative nature of modern healthcare has led to professional and interprofessional identities becoming increasingly important in medical education. How these identities change over the course of one's career remains inadequately studied and understood.
Methods Search criteria included studies that evaluated physicians' professional identity development longitudinally. Five databases (Medline via Ovid, Embase, Psych Info, CDSR, Central) identified 680 non-duplicate studies. Exclusion criteria were non-english studies, incompatible study design, non-longitudinal studies. Abstract and full-article review was completed. Publication year, study type (qualitative or quantitative), interview method, number of participants, stage in medical education, how long was follow-up and common themes were analyzed.
Results Twenty-four studies were included. Most studies examined early career stages, such as the transition to residency or growth in early residency training, however several also explored identity after residency training, 19 studies (80%) were published in 2016 or later. We identified three broad themes that encompass the methods of identity formation: 1) emotionally-charged experiences, 2) social interactions, and 3) engaging in self-reflection and improvement programs.
Discussion The recent rise in publications related to professional identity formation speaks to the rapidly-growing nature of this field. Emotionally charged experiences, such as memorable patient encounters and increased stress and responsibility during career transitions, may be a rite of passage for internalizing identity formation. It is also heavily influenced by institutional culture, including mentorship, interprofessional interactions, and self-reflective exercises. These results are relevant for physicians and medical trainees at all stages of their career.
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Authors Sana Jawad
Sana Jawad, BSc
Saud Sunba, BSc
Kelly Shinkaruk, MSc, MD, FRCPC

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