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Title Hope for the Future: Diversifying Health Professions Education
Background/Purpose Equity-deserving groups (EDG) are drastically underrepresented in health professions (HP). Underrepresentation contributes to health disparities and barriers to accessing healthcare for EDG (Saha & Shipman, 2006; Wakerman et al., 2019). As gatekeepers, health educational programs must enact action-oriented strategies to embody Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in HP. This project aimed to increase the knowledge, familiarity, and appeal of health professions educational programs through participation in an intensive summer program and follow-up mentorship program.
Methods Thirteen high-school and undergraduate students who identify as belonging to an EDG participated in the programs. This program evaluation study is rooted in a constructivist paradigm and used a mixed-methods approach. Online surveys, semi-structured interviews (pre, post, and 3-months following), and art-based methods were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs. Descriptive statistics and reflexive thematic analysis were used to analyze the data.
Results Participants demonstrated an increased awareness and nuanced understanding of different health professions, associated application processes, and supports available to facilitate the application process. Participants described feeling motivated and hopeful now knowing that there are different paths one can take to become a health professional and that there is a need for diversity- that is, that they have a place in the health professions.
Discussion Initial findings support the effectiveness of the program. With discussions about the need for JEDI in health professions and related education programs rightfully growing, this program holds promise as a model for JEDI action that can be used across higher education institutions.
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Abstract Track - First Choice Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Authors Ayan Gum
Nav Sidhu
Rehana Nanjijuma
Jialin (Lydia) Chen
Amy Ellis
Yu Bai Liu
Jeanna Pillainayagam
Jeff Boniface
Laura l Bulk
Michael Lee
Julia Schmidt
Ben Mortenson
Tal Jarus
Katie Lee Bunting

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