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Title A Hybrid Course for Facilitation of Simulation-Enhanced Interprofessional Education
Background/Purpose An interprofessional clinician-educator team developed a hybrid (virtual/in-person) program to develop facilitators for simulation-enhanced interprofessional education (Sim-IPE). Program objectives were to teach the requisite interprofessional facilitator competencies for the design/delivery of Sim-IPE and to foster a sustainable Sim-IPE facilitator community of practice.
Methods The course consisted of four weekly modules, including pre-readings, narrated lectures, discussion boards, webinars, and final full-day in-person simulation workshop. A retrospective post-course survey design was used to capture the impact of the course on attainment of evidence-based Sim-IPE competencies.
Results Survey response rate was 50% (18/36); 50% of participants worked in an urban setting and 43% had prior experience facilitating Sim-IPE. Three-quarters of participants rated the course as "excellent". The greatest gains in knowledge were: describing the importance of a psychologically safe Sim-IPE environment , developing and using interprofessional collaboration competencies as objectives in Sim-IPE, assuming a leadership role in local simulation, and describing the importance of IPE to collaborative practice. 91% of participants had high or very high motivation to apply the course learnings; yet, only 70% rated their confidence to apply what they had learned as "fair" due to identified individual/cultural/ system-level barriers. Common goals for personal change were to enhance pre-briefing and debriefing skills and encourage use of Sim-IPE among professional networks.
Discussion Participants valued the flexibility of a hybrid course and reported gains in Sim-IPE competencies. Despite intent to apply learning, participants anticipated barriers to implementation. Ongoing support of Sim-IPE facilitators would ensure the development and delivery of local Sim-IPE.
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Authors Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller
Tanya Hill
Kelly Lackie

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