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Title Through the Eyes of the Beholder: What Canmeds Roles Do Clinician Teachers See when Interpreting Epas?
Background/Purpose The CanMEDS framework guides postgraduate medical education in Canada by representing the broader needs of the public. Nonetheless, the CanMEDS roles are now less prominent following a recent shift to Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) as cornerstones of assessment. Therefore, to evaluate whether these new assessment standards still capture society's needs, we explored how well clinician teachers share an understanding of the roles when interpreting specific EPAs.
Methods We conducted a cross-sectional study of 3 specialties (adult cardiology, emergency medicine, anesthesia) to measure how consistently clinician teachers mapped roles onto EPAs. Clinician teachers received a set of EPAs from their specialty via an online survey, and for each EPA selected which roles they thought informed the EPA. We then used these responses to measure agreement with classifications found in formal EPA guides (% matching responses) and agreement among participants (inter-rater reliability via intraclass correlation; ICC).
Results Thirty-eight clinician teachers participated with no attrition. Overall, across roles and specialties, classifications of EPA by role matched formal guides approximately 62% of the time, with Communicator (75%; SEM = 2.6) and Collaborator (69%; SEM = 2.3) showing the greatest agreement. Inter-rater reliability was poor across all included roles and specialties (Cardiology ICC = 0.28; Emergency Medicine ICC = 0.24; Anesthesia ICC = 0.17).
Discussion Our findings suggest frontline clinician teachers in Canada often "see" different roles when interpreting EPAs, and thus that this new EPA-based assessment system does not easily map onto the pre-existing CanMEDS framework.
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Keyword 3 Entrustable Professional Activities
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Entrustable Professional Activities
Authors Teresa Chan
Teresa Chan
Andrew LoGiudice
Matthew Sibbald
Sandra Monteiro
Jonathan Sherbino
Geoffrey R. Norman

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