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Title Evaluation of A National Pain Management and Substance Use Disorder Curriculum for Continuing Professional Development
Background/Purpose Opioid overdoses and surging death rates are a national public health crisis for Canada. In 2022 the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) piloted a continuing professional development (CPD) curriculum on pain management and substance use disorder as a response to this crisis.
Methods Online pre-and post-cross-sectional surveys with closed- and open-ended questions were administered to participants from across Canada who participated in the pilot evaluation of the CPD training program which ran from March to July 2022. Appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical techniques(t-tests) were used to analyze the quantitative data. Qualitative data was thematically analyzed.
Results Thirty-eight (87% English) pre-program and 23 (83% English) post-program surveys were completed for response rates of 88% and 53% respectively. Participants significantly increased their perceived confidence regarding their knowledge of the use of opioids in the management of pain by 24%, while their perceived ability to manage patients with substance use disorder increased by 52%. Overall, participants reported a statistically significant improvement across all 45 assessed learning outcomes. Participants noted that strengths of the program were that it was comprehensive, relevant, and evidence-informed; weaknesses were that there was a need to streamline the content to reduce repetition between modules, and that the learning management platform was not user friendly.
Discussion Overall, this curriculum is meeting the learning needs of physicians involved in pain management and substance use disorder. Feedback from the pilot will be used to further adapt the program to meet the needs of learners.
Keyword 1 Continuing professional development
Keyword 2 curriculum evaluation
Keyword 3 pain management and substance use disorder
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Curriculum Evaluation
Authors Nancy Dalgarno
Nicholas Cofie
Lisa Graves
Amber Hastings-Truelove
Samsoor Akberzai
Jennifer Turnnidge
Robert Van Hoorn
Richard van Wylick
Eleftherios Soleas

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