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Title Lost in Translation: Canadian Pediatric Resident Education and Practice of Clinical Translation Services
Background/Purpose Canadian pediatric residents provide care to many families with non-English or French language preferences (NEFLP). Lack of communication in a family's preferred language is inequitable and results in inferior care, but medical interpreters offer a route to enhanced understanding and safety. No data exists about Canadian pediatric residents' use of interpreters, making it difficult to identify gaps in practice or develop targeted interventions to improve patient experience.
Methods A REDCap survey was distributed by email to residents enrolled in accredited Canadian pediatric training programs. The survey evaluated (1) interpreter services available in pediatric training centers; (2) perception of their ease of access, utility, and value; and (3) barriers and drivers to interpreter use. Descriptive statistics were performed in STATA.
Results 122 residents responded. Approximately 40% reported no previous training in interpreter use, and 60% desired more training. Interpreters were most often used during history-taking and family meetings, and least often during bedside rounds and physical examinations. Most (85%) residents felt they provide better care to patients sharing their primary language, compared to non-English or French preferring families.
Discussion Canadian pediatric residents have inadequate training in effective interpreter use and fail to employ interpreters consistently in a variety of clinical situations. Most residents perceive their clinical skills with NEFLP families as inferior compared to those who share their primary language, even when using an interpreter. Pediatric training programs should develop curriculum content that not only targets safe and effective interpreter use, but also reviews non-spoken aspects of cultural awareness and safety.
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Authors Sarah Peters
Matt Carwana
Erin Peebles
Sarah Peters

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