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Title Exploring Identity, Belonging, and Marginalization in A Faculty of Health Sciences at A Canadian University
Background/Purpose Given the integral role that equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigenization (EDII) play in facilitating safe learning and working experiences within health professions education, it is necessary to gain a better understanding of learner, staff, and faculty perceptions of EDII and use this to develop recommendations for fostering EDII within health professions education.
Methods Using a cross-sectional design, 531 participants from health professions (faculty, learners, and staff in nursing, medicine and rehabilitation therapy) completed a questionnaire exploring their perceptions of EDII, experiences of belonging, and demographics. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to measure participants' EDII perceptions and experiences.
Results Participants perceived that EDII should be a leading priority (M=4.47, SD=.94), they have a working knowledge of EDII principles (M = 4.17, SD = .69), and they regularly apply EDII principles in their role (M =4.05, SD=.79). Participants reported lower levels of agreement regarding whether there is good communication of the role and value of EDII (M=3.25, SD=1.12) and accountability for inappropriate behaviour (M=3.06, SD=1.11). Fifty-two percent of participants reported they had felt unwelcome or uncomfortable in health professions education. Participants primarily identified as white, heterosexual/straight, and cis-gendered.
Discussion Results demonstrated a significant intention-behaviour gap regarding EDII. Participants placed a high value on EDII, but also expressed doubts that EDII principles were being upheld in the institution. These findings confirm the need for EDII initiatives and can guide academic leaders in enhancing the safety of learning and working environments in health professions education.
Keyword 1 Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigenization (EDII)
Keyword 2 Belonging and Marginalization
Keyword 3 Health Professions Education
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Abstract Track - First Choice Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Authors Mala Joneja
Jennifer Turnnidge
Giselle Valarezo
Sareena McDonald
Nancy Dalgarno
Leslie Flynn
Jane Philpott

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