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Title Faculty, Staff, and Students' Perspectives on Edi-Focused Admissions Interventions at Queen's Health Sciences (Qhs)
Background/Purpose Canadian Health Sciences programs have begun prioritizing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in admissions by adopting EDI-focused admissions interventions, such as separate streams for equity-deserving groups. However, faculty, staff, and students' perspectives on the current state of EDI in admissions and on the adoption of these interventions are largely unknown.
Methods To investigate faculty, staff, and students' perspectives on this topic, we distributed a survey with five-point Likert-style and open-ended questions across our Medicine, Nursing, and Rehabilitation Sciences programs at Queen's Health Sciences (QHS). We analyzed the responses using a mixed-methods nested explanatory approach.
Results Four hundred sixty (9%) out of 5,050 members QHS answered the Likert-style questions and 348 (6%) responded to at least one open-ended question. Mean perceived equitability and inclusiveness of our current admission processes was 3.277 with no significant differences between respondents with equity-deserving demographic factors and those without. Respondents justified ratings based on visible diversity, efforts and commitment towards improving EDI, considerations of applicant backgrounds, and dependence on certain admissions metrics. Respondents highly endorsed the adoption of EDI-focused admission interventions overall (mean=4.25). Undergraduate and graduate students most strongly endorsed these interventions, followed by staff, faculty, and postgraduate students. Reserved seats and separate streams were the least endorsed interventions due to concerns around tokenism and hurtful attitudes towards students admitted through these interventions.
Discussion Faculty, staff, and students identified many opportunities for reform in admissions and barriers that may be encountered. These insights may help programs at QHS and other Canadian institutions improve EDI in their admission processes.
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Authors Jiale Xie
Jiale Xie
Nicole Hajjar
Nicole Shipton
Helen Smith
Aquila Akingbade
Nomusa Mngoma

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