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Title Privileging the Patient Voice Through Autoethnographic Theatre Performance in Medical Research and Education
Background/Purpose Arts-based teaching strategies in medical education are increasingly being recognized as valuable tools that engage learners through the evocative and resonant representation of lived experience. Research that examines the impact of autoethnographic performance on medical students, educators, clinicians and the broader community has been limited. The purpose of this study was to explore the emotional impact and learning gained by participants following an autoethnographic performance entitled the Dialysis Project, in which Dr. Leah Lewis tells her story while actually performing dialysis.
Methods An autoethnographic performance entitled "The Dialysis Project" was utilized to narrow the gap in knowledge about dialysis and chronic illness. Following two live-streamed performances we collected data using mixed methods (online questionnaires and focus groups with audience members). Qualitative data were analyzed using a narrative arts-based approach. Surveys were analyzed using SPSS.
Results Results demonstrated that the performance-based patient voice approach was effective in enhancing participant understanding of the lived experience of chronic illness and dialysis. Data support the use of arts-based approaches in providing space for sharing and learning about living with end stage renal disease (ESRD).
Discussion This research has the capacity to enhance community understanding of the lived experience of ESRD and other chronic illnesses. The results will be used to further curriculum development in medical and other health professional education, along with continuing education for professionals in practice. Arts-based learning strategies are powerful tools in supporting the development of physicians who are competent and compassionate in the delivery of holistic, patient-centred care.
Keyword 1 dialysis
Keyword 2 patient voice
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Authors Pamela Ward
Leah Lewis
Jan Buley
Abdullah Saif
Natalie Beasoleil

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