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Title Providing Education in Safe Settings: A Framework for Postgraduate Programs to Promote Resident Clinical Care Safety and Wellness
Background/Purpose There is a lack of formal guidance in postgraduate education to address resident trainee clinical care safety and management. Involving residents in a novel safety and wellness framework could support reporting of safety concerns and resident well-being. The objective of this study is to describe the development and implementation of a safety committee and framework for resident reporting of violent incidents toward trainees, including site safety reviews and safety policy integration.
Methods Beginning in 2016, teaching staff and residents collaborated to co-create a Resident Safety Sub-Committee (RSS) and Safety Training Framework at a Canadian psychiatry department with 200 residents across 16 training sites.
Results From 2016-2020, the RSS conducted 26 site safety reviews and four incident reviews. Site reviews followed a standardized safety template. Seventeen training sites were deemed adherent to safety policies, 9 were found to be mostly adherent, and none were flagged as non-adherent. Recommendations to enhance safety included monthly testing of panic alarms, developing a system to flag high-risk inpatients, extending safety procedures to outpatient services, and including wellness resources during site orientations, among others.
Discussion Enhancing resident awareness of the subcommittee and framework, dissemination of safety guidelines and checklists, in addition to a transparent process for retrospective incident reviews and proactive site reviews could bridge the gap of safety training in residency and positively impact resident safety and well-being.
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Abstract Track - First Choice Physician & Medical Student Health and Well-being
Authors Shaheen Darani
Sabrina Agnihotri
Certina Ho
Lesley Wiesenfeld
Sanjeev Sockalingam
Shaheen Darani

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