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Title Finding From the Implementation of A R2c2 Model of Feedback that Considers Intersectionality for Psychiatry Residents Within A Competency Based Medical Education Framework
Background/Purpose Studies demonstrate feedback in clinical settings often lack the ingredients necessary to support learner progression. This assumes greater significance within a competency-based medical education (CBME) framework. R2C2 is an evidence-based model of feedback involving four phases: building relationship, exploring reactions, exploring content, coaching. To address the need for structured feedback, this study describes the implementation of R2C2 model of feedback that considers intersectionality in a CBME context
Methods 15 supervisors received training sessions from experts on R2C2 and used this feedback model with residents in longitudinal ambulatory rotation. Education leaders support was available to solidify learning. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with supervisors (n=10) to understand their experience with the model. The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research was used to identify factors that influence implementation and effectiveness of R2C2.
Results Preliminary results showed four themes. First, participants' adherence to R2C2 focused on the first stage of the model "building relationship". Second, participants expressed positive attitudes toward the model and that it helped structure feedback. Third, participants shared they needed to understand the model more before application. They highlighted the need for faculty development on R2C2 using variety of teaching modalities (ie. role play, videos). Fourth, participants were mixed in the impact of intersectionality on the learning relationship.
Discussion R2C2 can be useful in the CBME and virtual context. Future implementation efforts should focus on faculty development and incorporate resident experience. Conclusion: Pilot study provides promising insights on feedback and coaching in resident education that considers equity and power-dynamics
Keyword 1 structured feedback
Keyword 2 intersectionality
Keyword 3 postgraduate education
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
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Authors Shaheen Darani
Alissa Liu
Shaheen Darani
Anupam Thakur
Ivan Silver
Csilla Kalocsai
Yasmin Lalani
Sanjeev Sockalingam
Sophie Soklaridis

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