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Title Creating Safe Virtual Learning Spaces for Effective Health Information Systems Education
Background/Purpose Training and education are critical components of an HIS implementation as they impact adoption and sustained use of the system. During the pandemic, the shift towards virtual training has raised numerous new opportunities and challenges in the educational ecosystem. There is a need to understand how to facilitate a safe and effective learning space in a virtual training environment for an HIS implementation.
Methods A multi-method qualitative approach was used to evaluate the educational outcomes of the HIS training at a 4-site hospital organization through semi structured interviews and surveys. Findings underwent inductive thematic analysis guided by the Accelerating the HIS Learning Cycle framework.
Results A total of 13 super-users and 20 end-users participated in semi-structured interviews. The survey yielded a total of 1479 responses among both groups. The following 4 themes were derived from the findings to promote a safe and inclusive virtual learning space for an HIS implementation: 1) Provide a flexible and accessible learning space through offering on-site technical resources and support, 2) Optimize the virtual environment to develop a learner-centered experience through integrating collaborative activities and offering smaller class sizes, 3) Adapt platform features to increase visual accessibility by annotating the slides, enlarging the cursor, and using digital tools in the environment, 4) Integrate hands-on learning activities into the curriculum to increase knowledge retention and confidence among learners.
Discussion This evaluation provided insight for educators into the learner needs for virtual training and underlined how to effectively develop a safe virtual learning environment for future iterations of HIS adoption.
Keyword 1 Safe learning space
Keyword 2 Virtual training
Keyword 3 Health information system
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Residency Education
Abstract Track - First Choice Teaching and learning
Teaching and Learning Blended Learning
Distance Learning
Inclusive education
Integrated instruction & learning
Authors David Wiljer
Inaara Karsan
Hafsa Hasan
Tharshini Jeyakumar
Sharon Ambata-Villanueva
Tamee Sheriff
David Wiljer

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