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Title Usefulness of Mccqe Part 1 Results for Curricular Interrogations and Continuous Quality Assurance Efforts
Background/Purpose Yearly, a confidential report on MCCQE1 exam results provides each school with whole cohort trends and patterns, including performance on specific MCC objective categories. These longitudinal exam performance trends are potential indicators for areas where curricula merit deeper interrogations. Developing protocols for continuous quality assurance using the MCCQE1 results as a starting point steers this work.
Methods The highest and lowest performing MCC Clinical Presentations (MCCs) were analyzed for patterns across 3 years of data. Comparisons to internal exam blueprints and performance, along with student feedback, triangulated these trends. Curricular mapping of the weakest performing areas and broader subject area were completed using curriculum mapping software and subsequently reviewed for content coverage, sequencing, and representativeness in assessments.
Results Seven MCCs repeatedly performed high and nine performed poorly. Review of the lowest performing MCC Clinical Presentation (coagulation abnormalities) lead to increasing the number of internal MCQ items in the exam bank. Results also triggered a larger review of the broader subject area (hematology) focused on content and related foundational sciences.
Discussion This analysis attempts to identify teaching and learning gaps in the undergraduate curriculum, setting protocols for ongoing quality assurance tasks that are iterative and meaningful to educational users of exam results. Feedback from the MCCQE1 results to the school and students is limited, especially invoking negative consequential validity for students who receive only aggregated performance data that cannot delimit specific areas in need of improvement.
Keyword 1 MCCQE Part 1
Keyword 2 curriculum mapping
Keyword 3 consequential validity
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Abstract Track - First Choice Curriculum
Curriculum Quality improvement
Authors Marian Jazvac-Martek
Shujiao Wang
Melanie Mondou
Marian Jazvac-Martek

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