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Title Developing Priority Indicators of Cbd Implementation Using A Group Consensus Approach
Background/Purpose As medical education shifts towards a Competence by Design (CBD) model in residency programs, methods for measuring and evaluating progress towards intended implementation are crucial. This study identified key CBD priority qualities, diagnostic metric indicators, and data sources that could be used in evaluating CBD implementation, based on feedback and interviews of medical educators in Canadian Medical Oncology programs.
Methods A group consensus method collected opinions of Medical Oncology educators in 14 Canadian residency programs. The Core Components Framework for evaluating implementation was used to identify CBD qualities that reflect a high degree of CBD implementation if present in a program ("key priority qualities"). Indicators that could be measured to identify the extent to which a particular quality was being implemented on the ground were then identified ("diagnostic metric indicators"). Lastly, the sources required to provide evidence of implementation were described ("data sources").
Results Twelve meetings (between 2019-2021) were required to reach group consensus. Seven CBD priority qualities from 3 core components (tailored experiences, competency focused education, programmatic assessment) were identified as transformative and challenging to implement. These were specific to direct observation, individualized learning, coaching, and programmatic assessment. The presentation will detail the qualities, indicators, and data sources that Canadian Medical Oncology educators consider important in progressing towards intended implementation.
Discussion This approach is valuable for identifying priority qualities, diagnostic metric indicators, and data sources for measuring and evaluating progress towards CBD implementation. Future directions include piloting indicators and data sources in training programs to determine feasibility of measuring CBD intended implementation.
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Authors Heather Braund
Heather Braund
Nancy Dalgarno
Nazik Hammad
Elaine Van Melle
Sohaib Alasaaed
Sanraj Basi
Flavia De Angelis
Jean-Luc Dionne
Debjani Grenier
Jan Henning
Tina Hsu
Raymond Jang
Alwin Jeyakumar
Sheryl Koski
Howard Lim
Som Mukherjee
Kylea Potvin
Tamara Shenkier
Xinni Song
Patricia Tang
Anna Tomiak

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