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Title Simulation & Augmented Reality for Enhancement of Clinical Assessment of Ophthalmoscopy in A Virtual Setting
Background/Purpose Currently, one of the major barriers in determining competency in ophthalmoscopy is that instructors cannot visualize the pathology learners are seeing, making it difficult to assess students accurately. The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the OphthoSim Mobile simulation device in improving students confidence and proficiency in performing Ophthalmoscopy.
Methods 40 Medical students from both pre-clerkship and clerkship completed pre and post Likert surveys about their confidence in ophthalmoscopy with an information session on the use of the simulation device and a 30-minute free-use session in between. 10 faculty clinical skills educators were provided with post surveys after the information and free use session.
Results Overall 30/40 students completed both the pre and post surveys, and the majority of participants were female (65%), with student-experience using the ophthalmoscope limited to clinical skills and OSCE's and most students being in pre-clerkship (91.6%). Participants mean confidence before the session was 1.91 vs. 3.27 post session on a likert scale (p = 0.0019). On a Likert scale, the majority of faculty indicated they felt the devices accurately assessed ophthalmoscopy technique with a mean of 4.4 (SD ± 0.5), indicated the device would be useful in ophthalmoscopy teaching 4.9 (SD ± 0.1), and would improve feedback given to learners 4.5 (SD ± 0.4)
Discussion Overall the study showed a statistically significant increase in the confidence of participants performing ophthalmoscopy before and after the session. Participants indicated the devices accurately assessed their clinical skills and provided helpful feedback on their performance.
Keyword 1 Medical Simulation
Keyword 2 Augmented Reality
Keyword 3 Ophthalmoscopy
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Authors Andrew Robart
Matthew MacLennan
Chloe Blackman
Hannah Brennan
Zachary Dwyer
Joshua Conway
Christopher Patey
Christopher Jackman
Stephanie Roberts

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