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Title Use the Right Words: Evaluating the Effect of Word Choice on Quality of Narrative Feedback in Ophthalmology Cbme Assessments
Background/Purpose The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of word choice on the quality of narrative feedback in ophthalmology resident trainee assessments since the introduction of competency-based medical education (CBME) at Queen's University. Specifically, this study investigated whether the use of specific coaching words correlated with better quality narrative feedback.
Methods Ophthalmology resident assessment data from July 2017-December 2020 was retrieved from Elentra (Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform) and anonymized. Written feedback was assigned a Quality of Assessment for Learning (QuAL) score out of 5 based on the previously validated rubric. The correlation between total QUAL score and the words/phrases 'suggest,' 'try(ing),' 'because,' 'consider,' 'next step,' 'continue,' and, 'next time' was determined using a Spearman's Rho analysis. Independent samples t-tests were used to compare the QUAL score when a specific word was used, and when it was absent.
Results A total of 2617 individual assessments were graded and 1998 with written feedback were used in this analysis. All identified coaching words were significantly and positively associated with the total QuAL score with the exception of "next time" (0.039, p=0.082). The strongest correlation was for "continue", "trying" and "next step" (0.182, p<0.001; 0.113, p<0.001; and, 0.103, p<0.001 respectively). The mean value of the QUAL score increased when coaching words were used vs. not used with the largest mean difference of 0.796 (p<0.001) for "next step".
Discussion This study demonstrates that the use of certain coaching words in written comments may improve the quality of feedback of the assessment.
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Keyword 3 (CBME) Competency-based medical education
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Abstract Track - First Choice Teaching and learning
Teaching and Learning Competency-Based Education
Authors Tessa Hanmore
Rachel Curtis
Christine Moon
Tessa Hanmore
Wilma Hopman
Stephanie Baxter

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