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Title All or Nothing? Academic Physicians' Perspectives About Evaluations and Feedback Seeking for Professional Growth
Background/Purpose To be successful, academic physicians must not only care for patients and teach learners - they must also be excellent researchers, mentors, administrators, and leaders. We explored academic physicians' perspectives about the role evaluations and feedback play in their professional development, including how they obtain the constructive insights to foster growth across their various roles.
Methods Informed by constructivist grounded theory, we interviewed fourteen physicians about their evaluation and feedback experiences. Data collection and analysis occurred iteratively; themes were identified using constant comparative analysis.
Results All participants were generally dissatisfied with the feedback they currently receive, discarding most sources as useless for informing their professional development. Specifically, feedback generated via annual performance reviews or teaching evaluations were dismissed as "tick box check-ins" generating objective, numerical productivity metrics that primarily benefitted hospital/university administration, not their own development. Instead, most participants, including senior faculty leaders, were thirsty for more personalized guidance, seeking "advice" from informal sources about subjective performance aspects such as leadership style and work-life balance. This "advice" was perceived as meaningful, but distinct from feedback.
Discussion Dissatisfaction with formal feedback and evaluation processes may result from a disconnect between the current prioritization of performance metrics and the holistic personal and professional growth that academic physicians want. Narrow conceptualizations of feedback may also interfere with perceived utility, perhaps explaining an on-going quest for constructive feedback despite already receiving meaningful "advice". Rather than discarding formal feedback sources altogether, triangulating objective metrics with "advice" could generate the 'holistic' feedback grail physicians seek.
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Authors Samantha Halman
Samantha Halman
Lindsay Cowley
Kori LaDonna

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