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At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Learning Objective 1 Define communication skills that learners should practice during the transition to clerkship period.
Learning Objective 2 Examine the logistics and resources required for implementation.
Learning Objective 3 Design an outline of simulation activities for learners to practice these skills.
Learning Objective 4 Model the simulation activity created.
Category Medical Education
Type Workshop
Title Transitioning to Clinical Learning - Simulating the Learner's Journey in Patient Care
Rationale/Background Medical learners transitioning from pre-clinical to clinical learning have had prior simulated patient encounters to learn interviewing and physical exam skills. These encounters are not often in the context of what a clerkship student experiences during a patient's hospital stay. A multi-part communication simulation in a year 2 transition to clerkship course placed learners in scenarios typical of an inpatient journey. Students participated in simulated patient care for admission to hospital, care on the ward, and dealing with medical error. Scenarios provided practice at skills beyond the history and physical exam, such as patient handover, formulating a consultation question, and communication with members of the health care team. Assessment was formative.
Instructional Methods We will give a brief overview of the Transition to Clerkship Communication Simulation session used at a Canadian medical school to demonstrate how a longitudinal, multi-part simulation can be used to practice communication skills. The participants will brainstorm the types of communication skills required for students in their own educational contexts. In small groups, participants will choose 2-3 skills, and design a multi-part simulation activity for these skills. Each group will present their simulation activities. Feedback will be provided via large group discussion.
Target Audience Educators and students interested in simulation curriculum design, teaching communication skills, and improving transition to clerkship learning.
Keyword 1 Communication
Keyword 2 Simulation
Keyword 3 Clerkship
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Undergraduate Medical Education
Abstract Track - First Choice Simulation
Authors Alice Tsui
Peng You
Nicole Hugel
Hema Gangam
Murad Husein
Alice Tsui
Peng You
Nicole Hugel

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