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Title Integrating Principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Edi) Into Case-Based Learning (Cbl) in Medical/health Science Education
Background/Purpose Harmful representations of marginalized groups often permeate case-based learning (CBL) in medical/health science education through the ways in which demographics and identities are often presented in relation to disease conditions, which can translate to discriminatory healthcare practices. This review explores how equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles can be applied to enhance medical/health sciences CBL.
Methods We searched Embase and MEDLINE for peer-reviewed, English-language articles published between 2000 to 2021 that offer EDI-based recommendations for enhancing medical/health sciences CBL. We also identified grey literature for medical/health sciences curricular recommendations regarding marginalized groups. Data were extracted and a thematic analysis was conducted employing Braun and Clarke's guidelines.
Results Of the 947 unique database citations identified, 32 met our inclusion criteria. Thirty-five documents were included from the grey literature. Thematic analysis of the literature highlighted the following recommendations: (1) standardize inclusion of patient demographic data, (2) utilize strengths-based portrayals of patients with marginalized identities, (3) describe patients in ways that challenge stereotypes, (4) identify how social determinants of health (SDH) contribute to etiologies, (5) ensure community consultation, (6) provide educators training on EDI topics, (7) integrate self-reflection on implicit biases, and (8) implement an iterative process to evaluate/update cases.
Discussion CBL in medical/health science education provides an important opportunity to highlight the diversity in our communities and teach SDH. However, case creation also involves a responsibility to avoid stereotypical portrayals that further stigmatize marginalized populations. This proposed framework is intended to help standardize and encourage the integration of EDI principles into medical/health science CBL.
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Authors Surabhi Sivaratnam
Stephanie Li
Stephanie Li
Surabhi Sivaratnam
Ellissa Huang
Sarah Klapman
Lynaea Korol-Filbey
Stephanie Marr
Dana O'Brien
Jessica Sadri-Gerrior
Isabel Thomas
Celine Vereecken-Smith
Britt Voaklander
Devon Wilton

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