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At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Learning Objective 1 Identify barriers to inclusive and impactful collaboration between institutions, faculties, and learners
Learning Objective 2 Develop practical strategies for shifting towards a collective equity approach
Learning Objective 3 Discuss how collaborative advocacy can shift the culture of medical education.
Category Medical Education
Type Workshop
Title Bridging Silos: Practical Strategies for Increasing Equity Reform Impact via Shifting From Institutional to Collective Equity
Rationale/Background Although Canadian medical schools have focused on increasing equity and inclusion in their admissions processes and learning environments, barriers to inter-institutional collaboration limit reform outcomes. The Price of a Dream (POD) is an advocacy group of North American medical trainees, staff, and faculty focused on reducing financial barriers in the Canadian medical school application process.1 From 2020 to 2022, POD was funded by the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine to operationalise a pan-Canadian strategy for supporting medical school applicants from low socioeconomic status backgrounds through student-centred outreach and the implementation of an application fee waiver program. POD's work has been successful because it fostered cross-institutional and cross-hierarchical collaboration by advocating for a shift from institutional equity outcomes to collective equity outcomes focused at the provincial and national level. In this interactive workshop, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own reform ideas and experiences with systemic barriers to reform in areas including but not limited to admissions, curriculum development, and mentorship. POD's experience with implementing a national medical school application fee waiver program will be a case study to describe collaboration styles and common barriers to intra-hierarchical and inter-institutional initiatives. Participants will brainstorm new strategies for shifting to a collective approach to equity through cross-institutional collaboration that would contribute to a more equitable and inclusive medical education system.
Instructional Methods Structure of 90-minute workshop: 1. Introduction (10 minutes), 2. Small group activity identifying reform efforts (15 minutes) 3. Didactic session on collaboration styles, common barriers, and collective equity solutions based on POD's experience (15 minutes) 4. Interactive small group activities to brainstorm barriers and solutions through collaborative advocacy (30 minutes) 4. Large group discussion and reflections (15 minutes). 5. Summary and conclusions (5 minutes)
Target Audience Faculty, staff, and medical trainees interested in improving the learning environment and culture of medical education by collaborating across hierarchies and with other institutions
Keyword 1 Reform
Keyword 2 Equity
Keyword 3 Advocacy
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Undergraduate Medical Education
Abstract Track - First Choice Social Accountability
Authors Chantal Phillips
Chantal Phillips
Farhan Mahmood
Justin Lam
Amira Abdalla
Maisoon Yousif
Claudine Henoud
Tobi Olaiya
Ike Okafor
Mark Hanson

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