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Title Analysis of Novel Mechanisms for Reporting Learner Mistreatment at Max Rady College of Medicine
Background/Purpose Learner mistreatment is pervasive in medicine and affects learners and patients. To address learner mistreatment, the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba implemented two reporting mechanisms that include a section on End of Rotation evaluation surveys (EoRE) and a Speak Up button (SUB) on the college's website. The purpose of our study was to gain insight into how mistreatment is reported using these mechanism.
Methods We conducted a qualitative directed content analysis of the incident reports submitted using the SUB or EoRE until December 2021. We recorded the metadata for each report and used a modified version of the Healthcare Complaints Analysis Tool (HCAT) to code the narrative descriptions of the reported incident. We used SPSS v.27 to analyze the coded data using descriptive statistics and the Chi-square test.
Results We collected 330 reports including 90 from EoRE and 240 from SUB. Over 80% (n=73, 81.1%) of EoRE reports referenced learner mistreatment, yet just over 50% (n=133) of SUB reports referenced learner mistreatment, while almost a quarter (n=59, 24.6%) of SUB reports referenced a problem or issue other than mistreatment. The most frequently reported incidents involved issues of incivility/unprofessionalism (n=175, 53.0%), quality of teaching (n=125, 37.9%), and/or harassment/abuse (n=121, 36.7%).
Discussion The types of problems reported using EoRE and SUB suggests that work needs to be done on developing an understanding of what constitutes mistreatment and further refinement of the processes for reporting different types of problems. These findings can help us develop more effective, targeted educational interventions.
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Authors Christen Rachul
Jesse Garber
Joanne Hamilton
Nancy Porhownik
Anitra Squires
Jackie Gruber
Eric Jacobsohn
Jesse Garber

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