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Title The Use of 360 Degree Video to Aid Teaching in Major Trauma Resuscitative Thoracotomy
Background/Purpose 1. There is minimal exposure to major trauma for many trainees 2. Situations are usually highly pressurised so teaching is not appropriate. 3. Small working space around a patient limits it to those providing direct patient care 4. Few high quality teaching resources for trauma
Methods A trauma scenario was filmed with an Insta360 camera using senior members of the trauma team. The hyper-realistic SimBodies' Pro Thoracotomy Trainer manikin was used to simulate a trauma victim with life threatening thoracic injuries. The scenario ran from pre-alert briefing until preparation for transfer to theatre. The video was used as a teaching aid for a number of specialities (General surgery, Anaesthetics, ED and ED nurses) and viewed on a projector with the facilitator choosing the viewing angle or viewed individually with learner viewing the scenario using a 360 headset.
Results Across all specialities there was significant increase in their reported confidence level in trauma situations. A single recorded video was used by a large number of clinical groups to view the scenario as a whole as well as to focus on their own clinical area (team leader, intubation and thoracotomy).
Discussion There is clear need to provide high quality teaching aids to facilitate teaching of situations which are difficult to experience. Barriers to learning through experience in real life include a rare event, time critical pathology and difficult exposure. New novel modalities such as 360 video can prove useful when teaching and can be easily used across multiple clinical area and even hospital once produced.
Keyword 1 Major Trauma
Keyword 2 360 Video
Keyword 3 Thoracotomy
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Authors Gnananandan Janakan
Gnananandan Janakan

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